Income Tax Return Preparation and Filing

06_3Helping you protect more of your hard earned income from tax erosion, by continually researching and studying the tax laws so you don’t have to.

According to an article on the front page of the business section of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution dated February 15, 2004, “the average taxpayer will spend 13 hours and 29 minutes completing a basic 1040, without any schedules.”

Tax Solutions exists to help you protect more of your hard earned income from tax erosion. We do the research and attend ongoing seminars to help you maximize commonly overlooked tax deductions and credits for first time purchases, real estate investments, education, retirement planning, children and dependent care, and more. Do you want to spend your time sorting through tax laws, forms, and tables at year-end to learn current laws that will help you save? If not, we would gladly like to spend time discussing your unique circumstances and finding ways for you to minimize taxes.

Real Estate Investors

Real estate can be a lucrative source of income, especially in the Atlanta Metro Area. We help several real estate clients who manage more than one property. For many, we have set them up as a limited liability company, based on their particular objectives. As investors, we understand the tax laws to help you structure your deals to optimize your tax dollars, including depreciation strategies, 1031 exchanges and installment sales.

Multi-State Returns

Are you new to your state? If you earn income in more than one state during a calendar year, you may find that you need to file and pay income tax to more than one state. Our New York clients who reside and work in Manhattan also pay city taxes. Some states offer credits for taxes paid to another state. Reading and deciphering state income tax forms, tables and instructions can become a time consumer. Over the years, we have helped several busy professionals who relocated from New York, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania and other areas to the Atlanta metro with their state filings.

Amended Returns

Did you miss a deduction last year? Don’t quietly sit back if money is due you! We file and amend personal and business income tax returns, employment returns, and sales & use tax returns.

IRS Representation

Are you receiving threatening liens or other IRS notices that you don’t fully comprehend? Call us. We’ll try and resolve it, including the lengthy communication with the IRS. We recently helped a client for whom the IRS claimed owed $6,000 and the normal statute of limitations had expired. We were able to have the case reopened for extenuating circumstances. As a result, we helped the client receive a $10,000 favorable swing, leaving them $4,000 richer!

Tax Organizers

To let us help you best with your needs. Please select one of the the appropriate (pdf) forms and fill out as best as possible before your appointment.