Accounting Services

Lovely CoupleYou may or may not like all the paperwork and details that go with owning your business, but we do. So no matter how much help you need, we’ll be there for you.


Need help organizing and summarizing your financial information? Having timely, relevant financial information is tantamount to any successful organization. We have fourteen years of experience in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and financial reporting. Some of our clients just don’t enjoy paperwork, math or details. For them, we process all their journal entries and issue reports. For others, we have setup their financial reporting system. Then, at their request, we review their work periodically.


Keeping up with payroll allowances, pay rates, and withholdings can become a daunting task. We can provide you solutions to manage your payroll, unemployment, quarterly, monthly, annual filings, W2s and 1099s. If needed, we can amend previous payroll and other filings.

Sales & Use Tax

If your business sells tangible product, it is highly probable that you will find yourself needing to charge and remit sales tax. Rates to be charged in Georgia vary by the county in which the sale occurs and the nature of the product being sold. Furthermore, sales to out of state clients or to wholesalers with proper sales tax exemptions may be exempt from the tax. We assist clients in developing a system to track inventory purchases, items sold, sales by county, and exempt vendors to facilitate proper filing of sales & use tax reports and timely remittance of sales tax collections each month to the Georgia Department of Revenue.