Structuring LLCs

The idea of opening a new business can be extremely daunting. It becomes even more complicated when you need capital to get things off the ground. One our clients, a top chef in Atlanta, wanted to open a new restaurant, but was nervous about the impact international financing would have on his tax bill.

Tax Solutions assisted in structuring $200,000 of foreign funding; the result being complete avoidance of international taxation. We also helped create an LLC to contain the real estate, an S Corporation to contain core business operations, and set up a management contract between the two entities.

This allowed the restaurateur to successfully acquire the space and funds needed to get the restaurant running. The way in which we set up their legal structures also allowed the owner and his wife to participate in the future appreciation of the real estate, which would both result in lower capital gains (upon the sale of the real estate) that are distinct and separate from the performance of the restaurant.

If you’re considering opening a new business, or think you may need our assistance regarding your legal structure, please give us a call. We make it a priority to minimize your current and future tax bill.