Client Testimonials

Tom, this looks great…tough saying that when I have such a large tax liability, but that’s not your fault! You guys did a fantastic job, as usual, to have me pay what I legally owe and it turned out to be a little lower than I estimated with my crude math. Cheers to you guys!

TL, Entrepreneur

As a new business owner of several different entities, the team at Tax Solutions has been invaluable in getting the financial side of our entities up and running. Tom has always been patient answering my many questions and made sure I comprehended the answers. The entire staff is friendly, easy to work with and helpful.

Chris R, Business Owner

Tax Solutions has always been informative, helpful and professional. When I send clients to you it is comforting to know they will have an outstanding experience. I never hesitate to send my best clients to them.

Leslie K, Private Mortgage Banker

Tax Solutions has always been a valuable resource, ready and willing to help with anything from audited business financials, sales tax, licensing, setting up business entities and even estate planning.

Wendy H, Business Owner

I have worked with Tom since 2004 and can recommend him without reservation. He is thorough, sharp and pro-active in helping clients reduce their tax burden.

Helena H, Principal Legal Tender Bookkeeping & Accounting Service, Inc.

Tax Solutions is timely and efficient in the communications and they get things done when they need to be. They take the time to get to know their clients and what is happening in their personal and professional lives. This gives them the ability to anticipate my needs and come up with solutions before problems even arise.

Marc K, Business Owner

Tax Solutions will watch my numbers and will always let me know if I might have a cash-flow issue coming up or if my sales are down. When I am busy running the business and marketing the business, the less exciting tasks like bookkeeping can fall to the wayside. Thanks to Tax Solutions, this never happens!

Elisa G, Business Owner

Tom was a key person I turned to in regard to planning and prep for the formation of a corporation, tax planning and avoidance of pitfalls.

David S, Business Owner

I have been able to concentrate my efforts on building my client list and focusing on the production work. With Tax Solutions I get first rate support, sound tax advice and have had nine years without any problems.

Neal B, Business Owner

When I started my business, they saw me through the incorporation and have helped me with everything I needed from payroll to quarterly tax returns, etc. In addition, they have connections to a wide assortment of other professionals, outside their expertise, and have provided excellent referrals for other services such as financial planning.

Tracey L, Business Owner