Board Meetings and Investors

An executive director for a not for profit engaged in fundraising and grant writing was losing sleep over the burdens of the monthly accounting. The funds they were receiving were rightfully handled and deposited, but the executive director was having difficulties properly communicating and relaying pertinent information to the board of directors.

Tax Solutions was called in to help the board understand the complexities of non-profit accounting and quell the executive directors’ nerves about presenting the information adequately. We created a template speech in plain English; this included simple explanations of the organization’s restricted funds, revenue recognition policy, and future revenue inclusion.

The result was an executive director that could sleep soundly the night before their board meeting. They had peace of mind and confidence that they both understand the organization’s accounting treatments, but can also explain it effectively to others. If you are someone who feels they may need help understanding or relaying accounting information to a board or potential investors, Tax Solutions may be the solution you are looking for.